Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Introducing Anja and Elaine...

New to Inspired Blueprints, Anja and Elaine will be creating cards from our sketches each fortnight!

Name: Anja Curvers
Location: Netherlands
Blog: www.scrappietoo.blogspot.com
Designer: Cards


Hi, my name is Anja Curvers.   I'm a SAHM living in the Netherlands with my husband and four children Arno (15), Rick (14), Emy (12) and Susanne (7), they are my inspiration.  I have been scrapbooking for about 6 years now but lately my passion is making "scrap"cards.  I used to make cards from the scraps I had left over when I finished a lay-out but somehow it has changed in making cards and making a lay-out with the left-overs from the cards.  I don't have a personal style I just do as I like or it depends in which scrap-mood I am.  I hope I'll inspire others with my work as much as they inspire me.

Anja's Cards

Anja sketch25-1



Anja sketch25-2



Anja sketch25


Name: Elaine Teo

Location: Singapore

Blog: http://angel08.wordpress.com/

Designer: Cards



Hi! I'm Elaine from Singapore and am a stay-at-home mother to 2 very energetic boys. Beside trying to keep up with my boys and cleaning the house, I also love to scrapbook, make cards and sew - I basically love making things and I enjoy trying out new techniques where scrapping and cardmaking are concerned. I get most of my inspiration from scrapbook and card making magazines. I used to read a lot of fiction books, but eversince I stumbled upon scrapbooking (and cardmaking) 4 years ago, I read more craft magazines these days. I definitely have to browse through one magazine before I go to bed every night. :)

Elaine's cards

Elaine cards1sketch25 


Elaine cards2sketch25


  1. Hello Elaine nice to have a fellow card maker your cards rock.

  2. Thank you so much Anja!! Your cards are gorgeous too - I'm a big fan of yours. We'll make a great team. :))

  3. Welcome ladies to 52 sk.
    Both of you have beautiful cards. Anja, I will be watching you as I favor your color scheme and design's. I will be a lurker and stalker!!!!! smile