Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day and Congrats !!

Happy Labor Day to everyone !! Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday !!

Congrats to our prize winners !! These 4 lucky ladies have won a Free UStamp with Dawn & Friends !! Fall '09 Pass !!!  ......

Denise Curtiss

Candance Bunch

Melissa Priest

Susan McFarlane

Have fun with your prizes and keep entering your layouts for the end of the month prize from Dawn Rapsas with Stampin' Up: A hot new product called My Digital Studio" valued at $79.95 !! Please have your entries in by 11:59 September 30, 2009 !! Have a great Holiday !!


  1. Thanks for the great prize! I'm enjoying all the very inventive projects that Dawn et al has put together!